Terms and Conditions and FAQ's


The Contract is between the Owners of The Look Out/Sheep to Shore/Shore Shack and the Client. Any issues arising under the Contract should be addressed to Jane Montague, Little Wanson, Wanson Mouth, Cornwall EX23 0DF (Owner). The Contract is entered into when the Owner issues the confirmation booking e-mail and will be subject to all the Booking Conditions. The Client is advised to check the confirmation thoroughly. All bookings are non-transferable.

Payment Details

A deposit of 25% of the rental fee is payable at the time of booking with the remaining 75% due four weeks prior to arrival. If the booking is made within four weeks, then the total amount in full will be required. Non-payment of the balance of the rent on or before the due date shall be construed as a cancellation of the Contract by the Client. Payment shall be made by Electronic Bank Transfer only. Payment details shall be given by e-mail upon receipt of guests contact details.


Any offers or discount will only be offered if there is part occupancy and no dogs - for example if a couple are only occupying the Master en-suite Bedroom. Discounts are not valid for a couple using all facilities within the property and is at the discretion of the Owner.


Any cancellation made by the Client for whatever reason shall be in writing. On receipt of notice of cancellation, the Owner will seek to re-let the property for the period of the booking. If the Owner succeeds in re-letting the property for the whole duration, the Owner shall refund all the monies paid less an administrative charge of £100 per booking. If the Owner only succeeds in re-letting the property for part of the period booked, the Owner shall refund an amount equal to the monies paid less the rental for the period which is not re-let and an administrative fee of £100. If the Owner is unable to re-let the property at all then all monies paid by the Client shall be forfeited.



The Owner may consider a request for a client to change the dates of the booking after confirmation has been issued. Agreement will be given subject to all of the following conditions being met:-

  1. The Property Owner agrees to change.

  2. The request is received no less than one calendar month before booking commences.

  3. The Client pays an administration fee of £100 plus any increase in charge for a higher rate week where applicable.


Rentals commence (unless otherwise stated or notified) at 1600 hours on the date of arrival and terminate at 1000 hours on the day of departure.

Use of Property

The number of persons occupying a property must NOT exceed the maximum number stipulated on the website. The property will be used for personal and domestic purposes only. The property shall not be used for any commercial purposes without the written consent of The Owner.

Smoking Policy

All properties operate a No Smoking policy. The Owner reserves the right to refuse entry and/or to serve eviction notices effective immediately on the entire party if these conditions are not observed.


Should there be any cause for complaint during the occupation of the property it must be notified promptly to The Owner and in case of a serious issue, confirmed in writing.


The Cautionary Deposit of £250 is your acceptance that if damage were to occur at the property during your stay, you acknowledge that you will be accountable for covering the cost of repair, damage or additional cleaning required (not just limited to the £250 held by us). We do understand that minor breakages will occur and although we will not look to seek compensation for minor damage, we do request that you notify us immediately of such breakages so that we can replace accordingly to ensure that the house is fully equipped for our next guests. The Cautionary Deposit will be expected one week before arrival to the property and will be refunded within 72 hours of departure. Non-payment of the Cautionary Deposit on the due date may be construed as a potential cancellation.


The Owner shall not be liable to The Client or third parties for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience which may be suffered, incurred, arise out of or in any way connected with the rental. No term of the Contract is enforceable under the Contracts (Rights of The Third Parties) Act 1999 by a person who is not a party to the Contract. If the property which The Client has booked becomes unavailable or unusable for some reason prior to the date of a booking, then The Owner’s obligation will be to:-

  1. Use their best endeavour to find a suitable alternative property or failing which

  2. To reimburse the Client for any monies paid.


The Owner does not warrant and is not responsible for the accuracy of any verbal information given or statements made by its servants or its agents.

Right of Entry

The Owner shall be allowed the right of entry to the property at all reasonable times for purposes of inspection or to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance. The Owner shall give notice to The Client where possible but shall require immediate access in case of an emergency.

Details of Guests

Clients are requested and agree to provide the following information upon booking:-

  1. Full Names of every Guest

  2. Ages of Guests under 18 years of age

  3. Full address and telephone numbers of the Guest/Person making the booking

Price Restructuring

The Owner reserves the right to restructure prices for available rentals at any time.


All bed linen and all bath towels and one beach towel per guest are supplied for the duration of the booking.


We limit The Look Out to either 1 large or 2 small dogs maximum. .

We limit Shore Shack to 3 dogs maximum.

We limit Sheep to Shore to 2 small dogs maximum.

Any agreement to allow pets onto the property is conditional that under no circumstances are they allowed into the bedrooms. Pets are not allowed on sofas or beds or any soft furnishings. We recommend that The Client provides large throws to cover soft furnishings if this is a problem. Pets are not allowed to be left inside the property unsupervised at any time whatsoever and must be kept under control at all times. The Client/Pet Owner will clean up any mess caused and ensure that both the inside and outside areas of the property is left clean and no dog mess or dog hair visible.

Privacy Policy

When you contact us, either through our website or through another means of communication, we will only ever retain your details in order to reply to you.

Any personal information submitted by yourself will only ever be used for the purpose of contacting you and will never be given or sold to third parties for any reason.

Banking information supplied will never be permanently stored on our servers and will only ever be used in good faith to take payments for products and services requested by yourself.